cocowhipcream cocowhipcream1I haven’t posted for awhile since I have been stuck trying to get my recipe writer  plugin to work (since Sept!), however it’s time to move on… this non-dairy ‘cool whip’ option is too good not to talk about.  I found this at Sprouts on sale at beginning of November.  I bought three!  We used this as some quick frosting on a carrot cake (I believe it was this one from Elana).  Awesome stuff!  My littlest one is hooked.  We all are.     Warning: it is VERY sweet though.  I guess that is why everyone likes it.  However for those with sugar issues, be careful.

So for your preparations for those Thanksgiving pies next week, I thought there is no time to lose in getting this post up and out.  Don’t forget this whip cream option!




Written by juliemtravel