We have started Lent, and because I had a lot of signs that friends (and I) could benefit from this, I decided to try something new: Lenten Lunches.  These get-togethers are on Fridays during Lent, so they should be simple, vegetarian  (or fish), and not take up the entire afternoon.

These lunches have several goals:
– try various different foods (preferably without grain or dairy)
– urge each other to try a new recipe
– simple, vegetarian
– offer fellowship:  sharing ideas, provide inspiration and support for one another on our various food journeys
Well, I’m excited to report a wonderful FIRST Lenten Luncheon today!  Our menu included Thai Coconut Mushroom soup, similar to what I tried at a Thai restaurant last month, green salad with apples and balsamic vinegar dressing, quinoa salad, “orange” fruit (orange slices and carrots lovingly arranged on a plate), and of course some Chebe rolls.   (My youngest one already counts on these for her packed lunch on Fridays).
We had 3 moms and 1 young gentleman at our lunch today.   We discussed struggles we had in our kitchens, as well as some solutions (like pressure cookers!).  Helpful specialists in chiropractic care and doctor input were shared amongst us.   The most helpful to me has been the support though.  Knowing I am not alone in persuading vegetables into my children, dealing with family members who  offer tremendous amounts of sugar to my kids, and taking just that one baby step to a more healthy, vibrant lifestyle for me and my loved ones, makes all the difference in the world.
I can do this!

Written by juliemtravel