We grew from last week, not only in number but in courage!

We had five moms and 4 kids join us for our Lenten Brunch this week.   Since we met earlier this week (10:00-11:30am) we had more breakfast type foods.  Our menu included

  • sweet potato hash browns
  • nutless granola
  • homemade coconut yogurt
  • maple-mustard brussel sprouts
  • honey-glazed fruit salad
  • star fruit

Courageously did one mom used her new Instant Pot for the brussels sprouts recipe with maple syrup and mustard, that we discovered that even the kids liked this delicious recipe!
AND even the shopping for fruit for the brunch showed courage.  The unique STAR fruit purchase was instigated by another child in their family shopping trip!


Trying new foods, trying new ways to cook old foods, trying a new positive attitude about this way to eat…. all are ways God stretches us.  I’m so thankful for this journey.



Written by juliemtravel