It is St. Patrick’s for our 3rd Lenten Lunch!  So our Lenten Lunch should take on a GREEN color, of course!   However some of the green was not as apparent as you may think!


  • grain-free tortillas (made from GREEN plantains)
  • many fixin’s for these tortillas…
  • mushrooms sauteed in Salsa VERDE sauce (lots of garlic!)
  • GREEN cilantro, GREEN spinach leaves, GREEN pickles
  • salmon cakes
  • veggies
  • whipped chocolate pudding (made from GREEN avocados… not that you can tell OR taste!)
  • star fruit (thanks to one leprechaun who really likes this item! … but don’t eat the seeds he tells us.)

We prayed our Latin “Benedic Domine” blessing prayer and dug in.   The salmon cakes were delish and formed in a shape to be used with the tortillas.   We stayed within the Lenten fasting of no meats, no matter if St. Patrick’s Day or not.   However this was not a problem for us.  So many great GREEN foods to choose from; no one was hungry after!



We also had our courtier/leprachaun announce “The Queen” under her parasol…  🙂   

Written by juliemtravel