stromboli_AOur next was off to college last week and she put in her order for her last home-cooked meal and it was Stromboli!  Stromboli?!  This was something I had not thought about since going gluten free years ago.  When I found this great stromboli recipe 20 years ago, my husband and I (and friends) used this meal for many special occasions, and the kids had loved it from the start.  Who wouldn’t?!  We had used Rhodes frozen rolls for the dough and shaped the stromboli from that.  But now I pondered… I had found Chebe bread mix for which we used to make lunch rolls, pizza, and bagels.  But would this work with stromboli?  Double batch baby!  It indeed worked out.  And my college-bound daughter was not one who cared for the manioc flour Chebe rolls we would make, but when used in this stromboli, she loved it.

I made one stromboli with marinara sauce and real cheese (for those in our house that can eat nightshades and dairy), and the other stromboli we used pesto sauce w/o cheese and Daiya mozzarella cheese inside.  Both turned out great!  And she even had some leftovers to bring to college the next day!   stromboli3  stromboli


“PURITY OF INTENTION” – The perfection of one’s motive inspiring human action. An act is more or less pure depending on the degree of selfless love of God with which it is performed.


Written by juliemtravel