Over halfway through Lent and we are making progress.  When I say “progress” that may not be related to how well we are sticking to our Lenten promises with eliminating certain foods, vices, or bad habits.  I myself have wandered from my original Lenten goal of eating AIP this season.   Dining out, celebrating birthdays (including the BIRTH day of my first grandchild!), and just plain human rebellion have distracted me in the last 2 weeks.  However there is a lot to say about wandering and then tripping over some hidden issues that can really bring you back into focus with what the Lord wants you to do this Lent.   Enter MINDSET.  Mindset is huge.  Putting the challenge in front of you, owning it for a time period is all good, but we are human.  We fall.   Praying the Stations of the Cross during Lent remind us that Jesus fell THREE times in agonizing pain.  He also showed us he got up each time he fell.    With the right mindset, we too can push through our failures.  We too can get up from our falls that will inevitably happen.   So if you have the right mindset, it reminds you WHY you need to get up after falling down.  The right mindset dictates what things you put into your body and what things you reject…  And asking for help is critical.  The Lord even had help from Simon carrying the cross.    Asking the Lord to help, supporting one another in our food journeys, in our Life journeys, is vital to mindset.


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Written by juliemtravel