Last Lenten Lunch was Spring Break so lots of families joined us!    We served a menagerie of things that most of the kids liked:


  • Salmon
  • “Almond butter and Jelly” sandwich rolls (grain free rolls, with and without egg)
  • egg salad with cut up vegetables
  • Soups:  Tomato with turmeric,  and Butternut Squash
  • fruit and yogurt
  • broccoli slaw salad

Through this Lent, we have not ever had the same group twice.  Our menus have been as varied as the guests have been.  We have tried new foods like tapioca flour, coconut milk, plantains, and starfruit.   We have courageously cooked new recipes SANS the gluten, dairy, soy, or grains.   We have found alternate foods to satisfy our tastebuds and those of our children like gluten/grain-free Chebe bread, coconut flour cupcakes, and coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.    We have courageously tried new recipes with new kitchen tools and found that kids like maple/mustard brussel sprouts prepared in an InstantPot.  As we have shared our food journeys with each other, the information about certain foods, functional/naturalpath doctors, and books are so appreciated.  Folks have joined us when their schedules allowed, filled their bodies with nourishing food, and left with good ideas, recipes, and resources.   New friends, new food, and new possibilities!

Thank you one and all!   We’ll have to do this again soon 🙂





Written by juliemtravel