As I remember the many years that we have spent Catholic Family Camping in CO in the summer since 2001, it did not phase me at all to prepare and pack paleo foods this time.  I have to admit, I did get a LOT of help from my girls this year too!  We’ve been doing this paleo-style camping for about 3-4 years now, and it’s only getting easier!

All the paleo ready-made things you can buy at the store help first and foremost.   Larabars, EPIC bars, Plantain chips, and more.   Also Paleo pancake mix (like Birch Benders) that you only need to add water to!   

But overall, you do need to prepare for your paleo camping trip the week ahead of time.  This year, I first made a double batch of my latest favorite paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Froze the cookies so they would be fresh for our camping trip that weekend.

Then I made some burgers and froze those as well.  (the more you can freeze food ahead of time, the more it will keep all the food in your cooler colder longer!)

I also prepared some AIP waffles in the days ahead of camping.   Enough of them did not get eaten right away, so we did have about 3 waffles to “toast” over the stove or campfire to go with breakfast or a snack.

My daughter Danielle helped out a lot with meal planning, grocery shopping, chopping vegetables and sweet potatoes ahead of time, and  storing them in Ziploc bags the night before we left.

Here are some faves from the weekend…

* Pork Green Chili with paleo dinner rolls


* Sweet potato Sausage Egg skillet Breakfast with strawberries and waffles


 * Choc Chip Cookie S’mores

The marshmallows were an “all-natural” splurge we did (to cut down on the corn syrup for the weekend).

We had a final breakfast that included skillets full of leftovers, like sweet potato chunks and apple and grapes (my daughter didn’t like the grapes but I did!)  with Chai coconut milk added,
AND another skillet with onions, peppers, and sweet potatoes with hot dogs.  Hmmmm!



Written by juliemtravel