Veggie Pesto Coconut Lasagna

This is a totally new one.  I have never done this before and really didn’t know how this would come out.   My criteria was:  Gluten Free pasta dish and I wanted it to be meatless since it happened to be Friday.  (Yes, even out of Lent I try to fast from meat! It’s a prayer thing.)  And I wanted to avoid my tomatoes (which I love, but they don’t love me).

So starting with my favorite gluten-free AND paleo pasta, Cappellos.   My youngest daughter loves this stuff.  It’s a bit expensive, but we don’t have pasta very often anymore.  And it is a saving dish when needed in a moment’s notice.  I buy them on sale and freeze the boxes.   For this dish, I used their lasagna sheets, but their fettuccini is also a favorite.  Then I went to my abundant stash of summer squash and zucchini from our garden.  I had some loose broccoli and cauliflower in refrig.  And, oh my, I had a lot of basil in the garden to harvest!   So with these as the base, I started my first Veggie Pesto Coconut Lasagna dish.

I made the pesto with walnuts, garlic, lemon juice, little salt and pepper, and a lot of basil leaves, as well as some spinach leaves (since I had them fresh and it sweetened the pure basil sharpness).    Enough olive oil added to make the paste.   And then I did something I’ve never done before…  I added coconut milk (from a can), mainly to thin out the sauce to pour over the lasagna.   It worked wonderfully.

I layered the lasagna sheets with the pesto paste, then a layer of fresh/raw vegetables, then either another layer of pasta/veggies, or some cheese.  Yes, this paleo pasta dish was not without a little dairy.  I used non-dairy Daiya cheese for most part, but there is something about real cheese flavor.  My girls can tell the difference even if I cannot anymore.  And besides, we can do a little dairy, so I added some parmesan and a little mozzarella cheese left in our refrigerator.  I can’t stand wasting good food.   On the top layers I added the pesto-coconut sauce and parmesan cheese.

Then end result was fantastic!  The veggies cooked perfectly inside.  Just the right amount of cheese.  The almond pasta is the best!   I will post this recipe soon.     For now I have more pesto paste in refrigerator and I think the coconut milk addition is perfect for tomorrow’s chicken dinner!



Written by juliemtravel