Field Trip to POM

Last week I had a field trip.  No, not my daughter’s field trip.  This one was mine!   My good friend from Malaysia brought some of us curious moms to a local Asian grocery store.  This one was called Pacific Ocean Marketplace. Why would we take a field trip to an Asian grocery store?  Because when you eat… Read more »

GF Pasta Time!

Veggie Pesto Coconut Lasagna This is a totally new one.  I have never done this before and really didn’t know how this would come out.   My criteria was:  Gluten Free pasta dish and I wanted it to be meatless since it happened to be Friday.  (Yes, even out of Lent I try to fast… Read more »

Paleo Camping

As I remember the many years that we have spent Catholic Family Camping in CO in the summer since 2001, it did not phase me at all to prepare and pack paleo foods this time.  I have to admit, I did get a LOT of help from my girls this year too!  We’ve been doing… Read more »

Lenten Lunch – 5th Week

Last Lenten Lunch was Spring Break so lots of families joined us!    We served a menagerie of things that most of the kids liked: MENU Salmon “Almond butter and Jelly” sandwich rolls (grain free rolls, with and without egg) egg salad with cut up vegetables Soups:  Tomato with turmeric,  and Butternut Squash fruit and… Read more »

No Egg Chebe Rolls

    How to get my bread-fix?!  Chebe Rolls!   These are naturally gluten free and grain free.  They use manioc (tapioca) flour. While this isn’t really an original recipe, I do make these “Chebe Rolls” with and without eggs.  The eggless rolls are sometimes chewier, but make sure you bake them thoroughly. The directions… Read more »

Lenten Lunch – 4th week

Over halfway through Lent and we are making progress.  When I say “progress” that may not be related to how well we are sticking to our Lenten promises with eliminating certain foods, vices, or bad habits.  I myself have wandered from my original Lenten goal of eating AIP this season.   Dining out, celebrating birthdays (including… Read more »

Lenten Lunch – 3rd week

It is St. Patrick’s for our 3rd Lenten Lunch!  So our Lenten Lunch should take on a GREEN color, of course!   However some of the green was not as apparent as you may think! MENU: grain-free tortillas (made from GREEN plantains) many fixin’s for these tortillas… mushrooms sauteed in Salsa VERDE sauce (lots of garlic!) GREEN… Read more »

Plantain Tortillas

 Green plantains make the best tasting tortillas.  Once they get yellow or black, their taste and texture changes quite a bit.  These tortillas are best when plantains are as green as you see in this photo.

Lenten “Brunch” – 2nd week

   We grew from last week, not only in number but in courage! We had five moms and 4 kids join us for our Lenten Brunch this week.   Since we met earlier this week (10:00-11:30am) we had more breakfast type foods.  Our menu included sweet potato hash browns nutless granola homemade coconut yogurt maple-mustard brussel sprouts… Read more »

“Nutless” Granola

One of our “Lenten Lunches” had to become a Lenten BRUNCH due to earlier time frame.     This nutless granola, with some homemade coconut yogurt, was a treat.

  • Valentine front

    Valentine Crepes

       Last week prior to  Feb 14, my 5 year old had a wonderful idea unto herself that I wanted to share with you all.  (I personally think this was divinely inspired).   When making our breakfast tapioca crepes and talking about making our valentines, my little one mentions she wants to give my “mom friends”… Read more »

  • Starting Now… Ideas for paleo kids’ breakfast and lunch

      STARTING NOW… It’s high time I dedicate time to writing this down.  My family and I have been on an amazing journey since 2011.  Beginning with food, many things have changed in my life, not only am I feeling more alive (including more energetic, lost weight), but I have also squashed some lifelong emotional… Read more »